RESURRECTION POWER WORLD OUTREACH MINISTRIES, INC. AKA -------------------Obasi World Outreach Ministries-------------- Be it known to all that Jesus Christ is coming again soon!
 RESURRECTION POWER WORLD OUTREACH MINISTRIES, INC.AKA -------------------Obasi World Outreach Ministries-------------- Be it known to all that Jesus Christ is coming again soon!




About the University

      Resurrection Power University of Theology and Seminary is the educational and training program of a nonprofit Christian  church incorporation, Resurrection Power World Outreach Ministries also known as Obasi World Outreach Resurrection Power Ministries. The values of the University are purely of the tradition of the evangelical, nondenominational, Christian Church seminary, while remaining open to accept students from all denominations.


     The vision of the University is to prepare the church for the second coming of Jesus Christ through theological education,which is affordable, accessible, and nontraditional, providing training and credentialing for Christians to become leaders and ministers equipped with the necessary skills needed to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations of the world in this computerized end-time era.


Our mission is to provide opportunities for people to study the word of God from the perspective of nondenominational Christian faith, with emphasis on creating awareness and preparation strategies for the second coming of Jesus Christ. To reach the educationally unreachable under normal circumstances, the University utilizes a combination of online, correspondence, and onsite approach to meet geographical, internet, and utility challenges that hinder access to Christian education. 

Delivery Philosophy

To this effect, the University will work with families, local churches and community leaders to utilize community centers, churches and schools, even in the remote parts of the world in this computer age. Students may study from their homes if they have access to personal computer and internet, or attend a decentralized hybrid virtual onsite class center. In our virtual onsite classroom model, there is a widescreen virtual monitor on the wall (in place of the chalk board), the professor is teaching from a remote location, the classroom is full of students who are having real-time teacher-student interaction with the professor.  

Program of Study

          All courses offered in this University provide the learner the opportunity to know Jesus Christ and His anticipated second coming and hopefully get ready for that glorious day. From three distinct Schools, the University offers undergraduate and graduate programs of study leading to Certificates, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in the following areas:

A) School of Theology of Science and Technology

  1. Cyber Evangelism
  2. Cyber Theology
  3.  CyberChurch Studies and Development
  4.  Ministry in a Computer World
  5. Theology of Creation Oriented Technology
  6. Theology of  End-Time Technologies and Prophecy
  7. Evolutionism Religion
  8. Creation Research

B) School of Christian Counseling and Clinical Pastoral Care

  1.  Cyber-Age Parenting
  2.  Family and Marriage Counseling
  3. Addiction Faith Therapy
  4. Clinical Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy

C) School of  Theology

  1. Christian Apologetics
  2. Theology
  3. Ministry
  4. Divinity

Careers, volunteers, and Jobs

The Ministries and the Resurrection Power University of Theology and Seminary will be recruiting volunteer Academic Dean, volunteer Professors, volunteer lecturers, volunteer Information Technologist and volunteer Business/Programs Manager.

Sponsors and Partners

Sponsors and partners are welcome. Please pray over this and ask the Lord what He would have you do for this great global mission to win souls for the kingdom of God. This University is a great fertile ground to sow. May the Lord bless you abundantly as you consider contributing.


NonDiscrimination and Hiring Policy Statement

Students Admission        

Resurrection Power University of Theology does not discriminate against any student on the basis of age, sex/gender, nationality, race, tribe, or religion. Come as you are, as long as you desire to study to know Jesus Christ, and meet the admission requirements, including funding. For a clear understanding of our Bible-based faith, prospective students are advised to read and subscribe to the Doctrinal Statement of the University.


Staff Hiring Policy         

Resurrection Power University’s hiring practices and Doctrinal /Statement of Faith are fully in compliance with both federal and state laws. Federal law creates an exception to the "religion" component of the employment discrimination laws for religious organizations (including educational institutions), and permits them to give employment preference to members of their own religion. Resurrection Power University of Theology is in this category. As a result, prospective applicants to any of the academic and nonacademic job openings are advised to read and subscribe to the Doctrinal Statement of the University, as it is the same with the Statement of Faith of the parent ministry.  A violation of this policy shall result in termination of such employment obtained in error.


Accreditation and Authorization 

Authorization to Award Degrees       

Resurrection Power University of Theology is a Christian religious institution of higher education, declared as a body politic and corporate by the State of South Carolina, with all the rights, powers, privileges and immunities, and subject to all the limitations and liabilities, conferred by Chapter 31, Title 33, of South Carolina Code of Laws and Acts amendatory thereto. The university is a religious institution of higher education that is exempt from the oversight of the South Carolina Higher Education Commission, and is legally authorized to award diplomas, certificates, and degrees “with specific theological, biblical, divinity, or other religious designations”, that prepare graduates for service in ministry, and award degree. Federally speaking, RPU is IRS recognized and listed as a religious institution with all the exempt rights and privileges.  


Accreditation Statement              

       Resurrection Power University of Theology (RPUT) is currently a Corresponding Institution with Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS). TRACS's Accreditation manual states that a  Corresponding Institution is one which has made initial contact with TRACS  and is actively pursuing the process toward accreditation.  Corresponding category, however, does not guarantee that an institution must ultimately be accredited by TRACS. TRACS is recognized  as a national institutional accrediting agency by the U. S. Department of Education (USDE) and is a member of  the U. S.  Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). 

Contact Us

Mails only          

Resurrection Power University of Theology

1304 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 1023

West Columbia, SC 29169.




 (864) 729-3229



 (803) 936-0149 Attn.: 1023.





Jesus Christ is coming again soon! If you have not yet received Him as your Lord and personal Savior, you may do so now and you shall be saved. Now is the day of salvation; tomorrow may be too late!


President: Rev. Emmanuel Obasi
Phone: (864) 279-3229
Cell: (301) 547-5925



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