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How Your Donation Will Be Used

     In addition to helping to set up new churches and assist the existing ones and their gospel ministers, the Obasi World Outreach Resurrection Power Ministries is actively rendering the following services to people, irrespective of their nationality. So far, despite the increasing number of people needing help, we have only been able to reach a relatively small number in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, and the United States. With you joining us, together, we should touch more lives to the glory of God. 


Areas of Ministry

1) Hope and Future for the Hopeless /Orphan Ministry

Obasi World Outreach Resurrection Power Ministries provides assistance for accommodation, food, school needs, and sometimes hospital bill settlement to orphan children, many of them in orphanages in some of the above-mentioned countries. The orphanage is real. You can never regret helping out.


2) Youth Empowerment and Self-Actualization (Y.E.S.) Ministry

The Obasi World Outreach encourages the youth to say "Yes" to their abilities to succeed in life, no matter how difficult the present might look. We assist some to enroll in colleges and universities, give out some scholarships, sponsor some skills acquisition training, and help others to successfully start-up small businesses. The author of this program, Obinna Emmanuel Obasi, opines that one youth settled is like one block added to the building of a crime-free society. 


3) Family Reconciliation and Rehabilitation Ministry

At Obasi World Outreach Resurrection Power Ministries, we help to rehabilitate families who lost their accommodation due to natural disaster, loss of job, unemployment, sickness, family challenges, or other unplanned issues of life. Reconciliation and rehabilitation happen from beyond the physical and result in seeing families come back together in spirit, soul, and body. Together, we can help revamp one family at a time.


    All the above areas of ministry are capital intensive. We need your free-will donation to be better able to reach more people. Our assistance to people goes to Christians and non-Christians alike, despite their national origin. 


Jesus Christ is coming again soon! If you have not yet received Him as your Lord and personal Savior, you may do so now and you shall be saved. Now is the day of salvation; tomorrow may be too late!


President: Rev. Emmanuel Obasi
Cell: (301) 547-5925



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