RESURRECTION POWER WORLD OUTREACH MINISTRIES, INC. AKA -------------------Obasi World Outreach Ministries-------------- Be it known to all that Jesus Christ is coming again soon!
 RESURRECTION POWER WORLD OUTREACH MINISTRIES, INC.AKA -------------------Obasi World Outreach Ministries-------------- Be it known to all that Jesus Christ is coming again soon!

Resurrection Power University of Theology and Seminary coming soon: Non-traditional. Online. Distance. "Study to shew yourself approved unto God..." 2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV). More information will be posted when available. For questions, please go to CONTACT US

             You are welcome to Resurrection Power World Outreach Ministries, Inc. AKA Obasi World Outreach, where only Jesus Christ is Lord. Our message is simple: Jesus Christ is coming again soon. Time is flying fast, as the rotating world image above symbolizes. Now is the day of salvation. Tomorrow may be too late. If you have not done so already, please call upon Jesus Christ to come into your heart today as your Lord and personal Savior.

Rev. Emmanuel O. Obasi

    While we watch and pray, we need to work and live abundant life in its fullness: we need genuine salvation which comes by hearing the word of God; we need healing, deliverance, miracles, power, love, sound mind, peace, and prosperity. We need to, not only see, but also experience signs and wonders as pertaining to the goodness of God. As a result, Rev, Emmanuel O. Obasi, together with his team of men and women of God, equipped with streaming prophetic anointing of the Holy Spirit by the grace of God, has pulled out the mantle of authority to declare the prophetic word of God as it comes in, and bless the people as the Lord leads.


    At Resurrection Power World Outreach Ministries, we take the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to people all over the world.


Jesus Christ is coming again soon! If you have not yet received Him as your Lord and personal Savior, you may do so now and you shall be saved. Now is the day of salvation; tomorrow may be too late!


President: Rev. Emmanuel Obasi
Phone: (864) 279-3229
Cell: (301) 547-5925



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